Which role do female sex hormones play in migraine?

Dr. Terwindt, neurologist and headache specialist explains to Women’sHealth. Read more (in Dutch).

Campaign migraine is een hoofdzaak

In this episode of Koffietijd dr. Terwindt en dr. Maassen van den Brink talk about their research in migraine (in Dutch). Watch the video here (in Dutch).

NPO Focus TV Orkaan in je hoofd

During this episode of Focus about migraine dr. Terwindt explains that little research has been done addressing the role of hormones in migraine. Click here to see the full episode (in Dutch).


Interview with dr. Terwindt and dr. Maassen van den Brink. Read more (in Dutch).

Hersenstichting Publieksdag: Migraine & Prikkels

Dr. Terwindt talks about migraine and triggers provoking attacks during the yearly Hersenstichting Publieksdag. Click here to see the full video (in Dutch).

Menstruele migraine, geen aanstelleritis

In this article on PERIOD! Dr Maassen van den Brink explains what we know about menstrually-related migraine. Read more (in Dutch).


In 2015 dr. Maassen van den Brink received the Migraine and Women’s Health Research Award of the American Headache Society. Why is her research so important and what is her advice for women with migraine? Read more (in Dutch).