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  • Videos Hersenstichting & WHAT study

    In these Hersenstichting videos dr. Terwindt speaks about migraine and the WHAT study (in Dutch).

  • Migraine in Brain and diagnostics from Pulse Media Group (Volkskrant)

    This article was published on June 12th 2019 as part of the special Brain and diagnostics from Pulse Media Group (Volkskrant).

  • Margriet - migraine dossier

    Neurologist dr. Terwindt and gynaecologist prof. dr. Laven talk about migraine in women’s magazine Margriet. Read the article here (in Dutch).

  • NPO Focus TV Orkaan in je hoofd

    During this episode of Focus about migraine dr. Terwindt explains that little research has been done addressing the role of hormones in migraine. Click here to see the full episode (in Dutch).

  • Ask us about migraine (LUMC)

    In this episode of ‘ask us’ (LUMC) dr. Terwindt and three of her PhD students answer frequently asked questions by patients.

  • Campaign migraine is een hoofdzaak

    In this episode of Koffietijd dr. Terwindt en dr. Maassen van den Brink talk about their research in migraine (in Dutch). Watch the video here (in Dutch).

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