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The migraine WHAT! study focusses on the role of hormones in women with migraine. WHAT stands for “Women, Hormones, Attacks and Treatment”.

Recent news

RADAR+ Interview with prof. dr. Terwindt

Two million Dutch people suffer from migraine, women twice as often as men. Acute medication is less effective in women. Prof. dr. Terwindt from the LUMC: ‘Women with migraine have the right to better answers’. Read the full article here (in Dutch).

Less benefits, more side effects

Women benefit less from triptans – migraine drugs – than men. In addition, women more often suffer from side effects. This was demonstrated in a study by the LUMC and Erasmus MC. Read more in this interview in Leidsch Dagblad (in Dutch).

Can migraine patients benefit from the oral contraceptive pill?

Each month WOMEN Inc. asks a researcher 5 questions. This month: Antoinette Maassen van den Brink, farmacologist and researcher from the Erasmus MC, about her research on the relationship between hormones and migraine. Read the full article here (in Dutch).

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