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  • | Hormonal migraine: what does it mean and what can we do about it?

    Last month, online platform published an article about hormonal migraine. Prof. dr. Terwindt and researcher Britt van der Arend explain the current knowledge in the field of hormones and migraine. They also emphasize the need for further research. With the WHAT!-Study they hope to find a hormone targeted treatment for migraine. Read the full article here (in Dutch).

  • "A trigger or coincidence?", an interview in a Belgian magazine

    Last month, prof. dr. Gisela Terwindt and clinical researchers Iris Verhagen and Britt van der Arend were interviewed by a Belgian magazine called “Goed Gevoel”. They talked about trigger factors in migraine, such as hormones. The WHAT!-Study aims for a better hormone-specific treatment for migraine. Read the full article here (in Dutch).

  • Research reveals the causes of migraine

    A lot of people suffer from migraine. The intensity varies from very mild to severe. Mild attacks are not always recognized as migraines. On a scientific level a lot of questions are left unanswered. Neurologist Gisela Terwindt want to inform people about migraine and aims to find better treatment options. Read the full article here (in Dutch) and read more about the campaign here (in Dutch).

  • Dr. Antoinette Maassen van den Brink wins the VNVA Corrie Hermannprice

    Dr. Antoinette Maassen van den Brink will receive the VNVA (Vereniging Nederlandse Vrouwelijke Artsen) Corrie Hermannprice on the 2nd of October 2021, for her role as pioneer in the research area of migraine and female hormones. Read the full article here (in Dutch).

  • Newspaper: women respond different to medication

    Men and women respond different to medication. Researchers from the Leiden University Medical Center and Erasmus MC discovered that triptans are a good example. Women experience more side effects, for example. Nevertheless, they are prescribed the same dosage as men. Read the full article here (in Dutch).

  • RADAR+ Interview with prof. dr. Terwindt

    Two million Dutch people suffer from migraine, women twice as often as men. Acute medication is less effective in women. Prof. dr. Terwindt from the LUMC: ‘Women with migraine have the right to better answers’. Read the full article here (in Dutch).

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